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Engaged TAS For Private Aviation Companies

With The Engaged Talent Attraction System, you can simplify your job posting process for positions such as pilots, ground crew, flight attendants, aircraft maintenance, and office personnel and increase your applicant pool. Easily score applicants to improve the quality of your hires and make better decisions on candidates. Our platform makes it easy to improve your hiring process and speed up your recruitment process.

But it’s not just about making things easier for you – Engaged TAS also improves the candidate experience. Our platform features a branded careers page and advanced user roles and permissions to help you create a better employment brand and decrease the bounce rate for jobs. Plus, our easy interview scheduling and video conferencing capabilities ensure that your candidates have a seamless experience.

And that’s not all – Engaged TAS comes packed with powerful features to help you find the right candidates even faster. With applicant tagging and filtering, scorecards and star ratings, custom application forms, and job boards distribution, you’ll have all the tools you need to quickly identify the best candidates for positions in your company. Plus, our referral program, messaging templates, and SMS/texting capabilities make it easy to engage with candidates and keep them in the loop.

Sign up for Engaged TAS now and start recruiting the best candidates for your private aviation company.